The Orphanage’s porridge was the same as its interior. Bland and depressing. Anna sat alone, pushing the grey – brown sludge with her spoon. She tried to concentrate on the nearly setting sun, and not the droning of voices in the hall.

She was supposed to meet Jack tonight, and she couldn’t wait to be free of the beatings, and harsh punishments that were part of living in an orphanage. The bell sounded, and children filed silently to their classrooms.

Anna sat down at a seat far at the back, and daydreamed of the night ahead. “… and the multiplication tables consist of…” Wow, that lady can talk, thought Anna, as she curled a finger around her chocolate brown hair, and examined her desk. After another boring hour of etiquette, the children were finally released, and a swarm of bodies rushed back to the hall for dinner.

Anna usually skipped dinner, for they had the same every night. A piece of microwaved chicken, which was more bone than chicken, and some rice that tasted of nothing. She flopped down on her bed, and stared up at the pealing, dull lavender wallpaper that clung to her roof.

An hour later, after everyone was asleep, Anna crept out of her room, and down the stairs. The only sound that could be heard was the scurry of a mouse, and the squeak of the floorboard that Anna had just stepped on. She turned a corner, expecting to find Jack waiting for her. The smile faded from her lips.

Nothing. Anna frantically searched the room. Nothing. Perhaps Jack is running late, she thought. But Jack was never late. She slumped against the wall, and curled up into a ball, tears staining her cheeks. Jack wasn’t coming. She was all alone.

3 thoughts on “Narrative

  1. Oh my god Emily, this is wonderful!
    You have created a sad yet exciting and suspenseful mood with your choice of words, your sentence structure and your developing scenes. I would dearly love to find out where this story leads-please continue

  2. I love your deep and rich descriptions of things in your story and the suspense. You really gave the mood of your character I love this story.

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