BTN Reflection

This was about a slam poet who got up on stage and performed in front of hundreds of people. He contacted lots of different slam poets and rapped about lots of different subjects. I now understand more about diverse topics and that kids my age can do things they never thought they could do.

What’s his name?

Who are his parents, and did they support him, and help him achieve what he wanted to do?

How did he get chances to perform?


The Edison moved forward, dodging the placed obstacles (pens, water bottles, pencil cases), and stopped after 60 cm’s. It turns left 90 degrees left, then 180 degrees right, then 90 degrees left. Then, I clap, and it then turns 180 degrees drives back, dodging the obstacles again. It then turns another 180 degrees.

The mars rover moved forward, dodging rocks for 60 cm’s. It then turned on its scanners, and turned 90 degrees left, then 180 degrees right, scanning for alien life forms. When it hears any movement, it turns 90 degrees left. It then turned 180 degrees, so it faces the way it came. It drives back, dodging obstacles. It then turns 180 degrees.


They wanted to run
But they were exhausted
They wanted to eat
But they couldn’t move their mouths
They wanted to hide
But they couldn’t force their legs to move
They wanted to run free
But they were tied in chains
They wanted to laugh
But they were unable to smile
They wanted to look at the bright side
But there was no bright side
They had us captured
But we had no strength left to fight back
They didn’t want to be trapped
But the didn’t get a choice

BTN reflection

This BTN was about the future of human exploration of space. It showed people living in a small space for years to prepare for the trip to Mars. It was about how humans have used many different ways to explore space. It talked about the different things they did in differnt years. It was also about believing you can do it. “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things not because they are easy but because they are hard.”

100 Word Challenge – We seemed to be on the television…

Goal: I want to use difficult synonyms for easy words.

I amble down the street, my wavy hazel hair whipping in the wind. My black boots clicked against the pavement, echoing through the silent street. I jingled my keys and inserted them into my doors lock. I kicked off my shoes, and sank into my ugly yellow sofa, picking at the loose strands. I turned on the tv, and. What? I stared at the glaring screen. Me and Jacob. We seemed to be on the television. Me in my denim skirt, and light blue button up, rolled up to my elbows. They’d found me.

Mars Experiment – BTN

Purple – Facts      Blue – Questions      Lavender – Understandings 

6 people volunteered to live in an 11-metre wide dome for a whole year. They had to eat the same packaged food every day and live with not much privacy. The trip to Mars would take between 1 and 3 years to get to, so this is preparing them for what’s to come. 

Why did the 6 people volunteer to go in the dome? Why choose Mars when it would take 1-3 years to reach it, and doesn’t have breathable air? 

I now understand a little bit more about what it would be like in an enclosed space for that long. It would be boring, and disgusting. 

100 Word Challenge

Beatrix Grace Mackenzie sat on the yellow bricks of the worn down park bench staring into space. She was a far-away sort of pretty. On the outside, she had smooth skin, full lips, piercing blue eyes, and long wavy brown hair. On the inside, she felt misplaced, trapped. Like a little bunny being chased through a wood by a gorilla who wanted her to come to a party, or help her do her makeup. But the fact was, a gorilla is faster than a bunny, and the gorilla never stopped. So on that chilly Sunday afternoon, Beatrix Grace Mackenzie felt herself running away from the gorilla. Running away from all the parties and makeup, but also from her family.

100 Word Challenge

“Get in the car” barked a gruff voice. 16-year-old Shay Black stood in her driveway, trying to conceal the feeling of terror she knew would appear on her face. A man in a starched navy blue tuxedo thrust her into the car. “Hi,” he scowled. “Your mum sent me to get you. You’re staying with me this summer. He revved the engine, and Shay waved forlornly at her mother. “Did you like my mean, cranky old grandad face?” smiled Bo when they were well out of earshot. Shay began to laugh as he scrunched up his face. “Come with me little miss,” he said. “Why?” “Becuase I said so!” he barked, then the two of them burst into a fit of giggles.

100 Word Challenge

I stared mournfully at the heap of clothes piled in my dump of a room. My mum looked pointedly over my shoulder. “Why do I have to do it  today?” I wined. “Because, I SAID SO” my mum roared, finally losing her patience. She stormed off down the hall, and I was left with the heap of trash that was my room. This is so unfair I thought as I reluctantly picked up the first shirt, and hung it up on my overfull rack. My mum came in and eyeballed me, and I put on my best “I don’t care that I’ll have to clean my really dirt room, and it’ll probably take forever” face, but it turned out in a squint……

Space Video Reflection

Facts – Blue      Understandings – Lavender      Questions – Purple 

The stars are a 4 and a half billion-year-old formation that we circle around at 200 thousand miles per hour. There are 4 terrestrial planets and 4 gas giants. Earth, Mars, Venus, and Mercury are terrestrial planets, and Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are gas giants. Mercury is small and light, and the closest to the sun. Venus is the hottest planet of the solar system, and second to the sun. Earth, our home, and 3rd to the sun has 1 moon and is the only inhabitable climate that can easily sustain life. Mars, another small planet, and 4th from the sun. It has 2 moons. Jupiter, 5th from the sun is the largest planet in our solar system and has 67 moons. Saturn is 6th from the sun and is the second biggest planet. Its temperatures are a maximum of -133 and a  minimum of -143 degrees and has 62 moons. Next comes Uranus. Its one of the coldest, and is 7th from the sun. Last comes Neptune. It’s also very cold, and has 14 moons. The sun makes up 99.86% of our solar system. 

I now understand more about the solar system and the planets in comparison to one another.

What is there beyond the universe? 

Were would humans go?