October 15

Space Video

This video was about the different perspectives on the same thing. The Babylonians thought something completely different to the Mayan. They thought Earth was the centre of the universe. The Mayan created a calendar that could predict natural phenomena’s.

October 14

100 Word Challenge

The wind whipped through my thin white hair. The wrinkles on my dry and cracked skin finally tasted the fresh air. It reminded me of a time when I was young. When I would run through fields of flowers and still be able to hear the birdsong without a hearing aid. As I sat here, trying to hear the faint whisper of birdsong, in the, dried out grass with the heat of summer raining down on my back, I cried. For I have never felt so alone in my life. But I have never felt so free.

October 7

Goals – Term 4

So far this semester I have achieved every single goal I wanted to achieve. I have finished my narrative, and added more detail and feeling to it. I have read challenging books and identified the author’s purpose. I have done extremely well when it comes to my debates. I have learned to use and calculate decimals using graphs and charts and related them to fractions. Finally, I have finished my personal narrative, and learned to make predictions, and use these predictions to experiment with new technology. I have not yet managed to successfully conduct a successful science experiment, using the same variables. During this term, I am hoping to learn more about poetry, specifically lyrics. I also hope to learn more about the planets, and the different perspectives on how planets are created. I really want to delve deeper into chance and probability, seeing what percent probability people suffering from a natural disaster may die, or live. I’m also interested in figurative language and maps. Especially maps of large parts of the world ( country’s and continents ) and sad figurative language.

September 20

Normal – My Narrative

Paige had never been normal. Now it didn’t matter. No one was there to tease her. No one was there to call her names, and more importantly, her mum and dad weren’t there to scold her and fight over whose turn it was to take her home. This was the whole reason she was in this place. Because she had been selfish enough to want to get away from that. From her parents. From her brother. Now there was no going back.

Paige’s parents were the type of parents who didn’t care. About anything. Not even Paige herself. The only time they acknowledged that she and her brother Arthur were alive was when they had to put in a little effort to keep them living, like meals, and making them go to school. After a while, Paige had started to accept this, then it all changed. Her dad found another girlfriend, and they broke up. Her brother smoked and went out every night to drink and ‘hang out’ with his friends. Then one day he never came back. Now it was just Paige and her mother, Phoebe. That was the day she ran away.

Paige looked around. Taking it all in. The bright green trees with perfectly shaped trunks. The assortment of colorful flowers, but most of all, the creatures. Paige should never have walked through that door. She would regret that decision for the rest of her life.

Paige stumbled through the tall grass, crouching low to avoid being seen by the things. Giant creatures with horns and hooves and serpent tails. A shout came from behind her. A human shout. “Hello” called Paige hopefully. She used her height to see over the wavy locks of thriving, deep green grass. She blew her dark brown hair out of her face, and her emerald green eyes darted this way and that.

Paige jumped as a short, pale blonde girl with brown eyes fell through the bushes. “Hi,” she said breathlessly, jumping up. “I’m Casandra, but you can call me Cass.” She stuck out her hand and Paige nervously shook it. “I think we’re the only ones here” Cass explained obviously, bouncing on the balls of her feet excitedly. She said it as if it were a good thing. It definitely wasn’t.

“I’m thirsty, aren’t you?” Paige didn’t know how Cass could be thinking about water now, and she was about to say so, but Cass had already bounded ahead. When Paige caught up, the two girls trundled up a hill and came to a lake. Cass ran ahead and started scooping up water with her cupped hands. Then she stopped.

“What is it” questioned Paige, jogging to her side. Then she looked into the water and saw something she wished she hadn’t. In the reflection were animals in chains. Paige tore her eyes away to look directly at the animals. The perfectly harmless, and perfectly free animals. Or were they? Paige grabbed an apple from a tree, and offered it to a small, squirrel-like animal with horns and miniature elephant legs. It rushed toward her, then was sharply pulled back by an invisible cord.

Paige glanced back into the lake to see the helpless thing being restrained by a thick metal chain rubbing around the already raw skin on its neck. “How could someone do this?” said Paige to Casandra who was looking puzzled and slightly disgusted.  Paige’s hair whipped around her face as a cloud of writing, buzzing mist circled the two girls. Purple light glimmered in the center, and Paige was drown towards it.  “I think we’re about to find out” muttered Cass from behind her as the two girls were sucked into the storm.

In a flash, Paige and Cass were dumped in a large circular room with green seats. They were back in the real world. In London. Home. But this didn’t look like home. “What are you doing here?” roared an old man with a wig. “Oh,” he calmed down slightly. “The minister said he was expecting you.” Paige looked confused, then realized he must have sent the portal. “Well, run along now” coaxed the man. “No” replied Cass and Paige defiantly.

“Meow.” A desperate plea for help echoed around the high ceiling and reverberated against the walls. The next thing Paige knew, a fluffy white cat with soft brown eyes and stubbly deer horns was rubbing clumsily against her leg. Paige rubbed its tummy, and a jet of fire came out of its mouth.

“Get that thing out of here” came a voice from behind. “Oh, minister.” The whole court bowed as one. “Don’t you touch Frangipane?” said Paige. She sized the minister up for a moment. Squat, round-faced, and stern. She wasn’t afraid of him. “I’m afraid what you’re doing is unacceptable. I know what you did to these animals” she continued. “And it’s not good.”

By the time Paige finished, the minister was drenched in sweat, his eyes wide, and his mouth open. “If you don’t set these animals free, I’ll tell everyone what you did.” The minister was looking distressed, and a pool of sweat formed on the desk he had sat on.

“All right, all right” he stuttered. He jammed down a big red button, and the same purple portal appeared. As the first animal came cantering out, the minister reached for a speaker. “Attention London. Do not worry. Everyone, please stay calm.”

Paige clutched Fran close when a giant bull-like creature appeared. “They’re free” whispered Paige to Cass. Then the big doors opened, and the animals stampeded into the night.

Paige looked around at the court, and at Cass and realized something. She didn’t have to be normal to be herself. In fact, if she had had a normal life, she would never have been on the adventure she went on today. Paige didn’t regret what she did today, for today, she had changed the course of human history.

September 12

100 Word Challenge

The metal hands had always been there. In the town of Katherine. Everyone knew they were somehow ‘watching over’ the town. “Stand back, stand back” barked journalist Analise Karamazov. Analise rushed forward, the crowd parting for her, toward the flustered mayor, and thrust the microphone at him. “How do you think the statue disappeared? Do you think someone stole it? Are you going to pay for another one to be built?” The mayor opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Then he bustled back to his mansion and bolted the door. The next day, the same exact statue appeared in Melbourne.

September 9

I asked these questions of 5/6 C: Do you use Instagram?Do you like Instagram?How often do you use Instagram?What sorts of things do you post on Instagram?Have you ever seen any inappropriate or disturbing things on Instagram?Have you ever been cyberbullied by people on Instagram about something you posted, or something you said on a chat?Do your eyes ever hurt after using Instagram?Are you comfortable with using Instagram?How dangerous do you think Instagram is?What strategies do you use to stay safe while using Instagram?

I made 2 graphs out of this data:

Instagram Usage – Before-2lnep9u




Here is a link to another survey to take after you’ve read this text, and looked at these graphs:


September 6

100 Word Challenge … but what colour should it be? …

I ran down the cobblestone side street my panting breaths echoing in the silence. My shallow breaths pierced the gentle, rhythmic humming of washing machines and dishwashers and the faint sound of laughing in the distance. I rounded the corner and came to a stop outside 125 Autumn Drive. The tall red door stood out against the grey concrete. I pounded on the door, and it was opened by Ms.Rosalie the caretaker. “Why hello Paige.” I shoved past her, and into the bedroom. My mother was sitting on the bed, cradling a baby. She held up 2 baby onesies. “…but what colour should it be? Blue or orange?”. But I wasn’t listening.